Video resources presented by Illinois Google Certified Teachers and experts.

Using Google Apps for Digital Storytelling Projects

K-12"Google Sites, Presentation, Search, Video, and other Marketplace Apps provide robust tools for groups of students to manage the process for digital story-telling projects. This webinar will focus on demonstrating how to integrate Google Apps tools to support the digital storytelling process: from researching, gathering, and sharing materials, creating storyboards, editing audio, and final display In this webinar we will cover the following uses of Google Apps: - Google Sites for organizing the project and final display and reflections - Google Custom Search for locating materials - Google Docs for storyboarding (Presentations and Drawing) and storage - Aviary for audio editing"Publish date: 3/15/2011Vinnie Vrotny - Google Apps for Education Certified Trainer and Google Certified TeacherRead the case studyView the Q&A Transcript

Introduction to Spreadsheets in Google Docs 

K-12"Got Data? Then you need to be using Google Docs Spreadsheet! This tool allows you to collect and use data in interesting and helpful ways. The built in collaborative features of Google Docs allows multiple users to view and edit spreadsheets simultaneously. This introductory session will cover the basics about spreadsheets: - Entering and manipulating data - Creating multiple sheets within a workbook - Using data to generate charts and graphs - Using forms to collect data - Sharing spreadsheets with others"Publish date: 3/8/2011John Sowash, Derrick Wlodarz, Google Apps for Education Certified TrainersRead the case studyView the Q&A Transcript

Using Google Apps in the Classroom

K-12"Maine Township High School District shares how they are using Google Apps Education Edition with teachers and students as a collaborative platform. Listen to examples from the district on how the technology is seamlessly integrated into activities and supports learning objectives. Maine Township will share how they use Google Apps in lessons and demonstrate problem and project based activities that are only possible when using online read/write tools. "Publish date: 3/24/2010Dr. Henry Thiele - Director of TechnologyRead the case studyView the Q&A Transcript

Choosing Google Apps and Deployment at High School District 207

K-12"Maine Township High School District set out to solve an email problem and found a solution that saved $35,000, freed up IT resources, and improved student collaboration. Hear directly from them about their deployment of 7,000 accounts, what made them decide to "Go Google" and the results they've seen since making the switch."Publish date: 10/6/2009Dr. Henry Thiele - Director of Technology & Mr. David Spangler - District Network ManagerRead the case studyView the Q&A Transcript